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Discover the 6 Asia Photographers Capturing Singapore’s Unseen Beauty

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Virtual Photo Exhibition Turns The Spotlight On The Unseen Side of Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has collaborated with National Geographic CreativeWorks to unveil UNSEEN/SINGAPORE, a campaign that showcases Singapore as a travel destination from the perspective of intrepid photographers from Southeast Asia. Through photography, the campaign includes a virtual exhibition that encourages travelers to explore the city-state’s cultural diversity and hidden spots, by taking a moment to observe the unseen beauty of destination Singapore.

UNSEEN/SINGAPORE features the works of Amani Azlin, Tino Renato, Chanipol Kusolcharttum, Pham Gia Tung, Gab Mejia, and Jayaprakash Bojan. Each photographer visited Singapore in mid-2022 and visit locations outside the top destination areas of Singapore that includes elements of the environment, historic buildings, heritage sites, and art. They highlight the vision of UNSEEN/SINGAPORE through various points of view in line with their personal interests and experiences. Beyond the attractions and skyscrapers lead to recognize locations that are no less interesting than the neighborhood, mesmerizing up to lush and verdant wetlands, and a lighthouse at the edge of Singapore.

Get to know the photographers who captured the Unseen beauty of Singapore

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