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Travel Diary: Ummi Nasir’s First Post-MCO Vacay With Fam Was Extra Special

ummi nasir's short getaway with family at Penang Island

Ummi Nasir makes sure that she, hubs and daughter maintained good social distancing and hygiene while enjoying each other’s company on their post-MCO trip together

A name that is well-known in Malaysia, Ummi Nasir is an excellent makeup artist that does well for any kind of beauty look. From bridal to editorial and commercial, just say what you want, and she’ll succeed to do more than what you expected. Her skill is very detailed and it does wonder to enhance one’s beauty.

Even though her schedule is always packed with conducting private classes and doing makeup for clients, Ummi is definitely a supermom and housewife. I really salute her for that! She bakes, cooks, cleans, decorates, teaches and everything more that not all can follow-through. Just check out her Instagram account to be inspired as I did.

For better quality time with the fam, Ummi planned out a short getaway to Penang island. The first one after MCO, I bet it was exciting for them. Continue reading to find out what about her little adventure there that makes it extra special.

Q: As a mum, make up guru, wife, and an influential figure, how does your first post-MCO travel experience make you feel?

A: THE BEST! HAHA.  The whole MCO experience really gives me that kind of feeling.

Q: Why did you choose to travel to Penang island as your first post-MCO travel destination?

A: We were supposed to fly out to Penang on March 17th for our 1 year anniversary, and then MCO happened! haha. So yeah, once the merentas negeri regulations were lifted, we straight away made our hotel booking! Thank God they didn’t charge us extra!

Ummi nasir at beach with Maisara
Photo (Ummi Nasir)

Q: What different kinds of preparation you had before travelling than you did before the pandemic?

A: Oh man, all the precautions! Haha, extra masks, antibacterial wipes & spray & sanitizer! Trust me I disinfect everything in our hotel room! Haha better be safe than sorry.

Q: What was the first place you went to when you arrived in Penang island, besides your hotel? Why?

A: Sixth Sense  Boutique! My must-visit shop whenever I go to Penang. Love their style, I bought a few dresses & home decor there! tee hee

Q: List 5 favorite moments you had with your family while travelling to Penang island.

A: 1. Cafe hopping.
2. Beach.
3. Bathtub at the balcony.
4. Random rotan shop.
5. Pool! OMG, my daughter just spent hours in the pool! Haha. Need to drag her out!

Ummi nasir at a cafe with Maisara
Photo (Ummi Nasir)
Photo (Ummi Nasir)
Travel Diary: Ummi Nasir's First Post-MCO Travel With Fam Was Extra Special
Photo (Ummi Nasir)

Q: With the Covid-19 cases is still ongoing, how did you go through the days on your trip?

A: We make sure we wear masks all the time and keep sanitizing our hands regularly. And I make sure I wiped our table/chairs before we sit in cafe/restaurants,  u know just to be safe.

We try to avoid any places that are too crowded, so yeah we missed our Nasi Kandar 🙁 Long queue!

Q: Once you return home, did you feel any different, emotionally?

A: I feel great and so blessed, really! With all this pandemic, sometimes we take things for granted. To finally go out and about, enjoy each other’s company is something that is very priceless now!

Ummi nasir at a cafe with Maisara
Photo (Ummi Nasir)

Q: If you could travel again, where would it be next? Why?

A: We plan to go to Sabah Sipadan or  Pulau Rawa Johor! We love beaches!

Q: Do you have any travel tips that you would like to share?

A: Take a lot of short videos along your trip. it can be anything! then with a video app (iMovie etc) combine it as 1 video. you will cherish those moments in the future!

Q: As a professional makeup artist, what beauty tips would you like to share with Hip Hearts?

A: My beauty tips during the holiday is to make sure to keep it light! Just bring skincare that is necessary, such as facial wash, moisturizer, and SPF ( in travel size). And for makeup, bring the basic ones like foundation or just compact powder (for a beach vacation, keep it light), mascara, blush, bronzer & 2 lipsticks ( 1 nude & 1 bold). 1 angle brush for your blusher, bronzer & highlighter!

Told you it was an exciting trip! Hopefully, it will inspire you to plan for your next vacay soon. Just remember to maintain good social distancing and hygiene, alright?

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