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Missing The Beach? Aereon Wong’s Travel Images Will Cure Your Boredom

Missing The Beach? Aereon Wong's Vacay Images Will Cure Your Boredom
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Beach, please! Packing my bag as I’m writing this article right now…

More than just a photographer, Aereon Wong is a content creator who focuses on travel-related content. Oh man, he has been traveling everywhere. From local destinations to the international ones, he has his magical way of capturing each corner and part of the location. And the places that he goes to are just b-e-a-u-tiful! What attracts me the most is his beach photography. Just as you already know, HIPSHUT team really loves beaches. And the way he captures each island just makes me want to go there right now. All done through the lens of iPhone and drone, of course!

I can just stay all day at the beach, like seriously. Especially when the view is just spectacular. Crystal clear water, beautiful blue sky, soft sandy texture, aaahhh it doesn’t get better than this! Thanks to Aereon Wong’s creative photography skill, we all get to see beautiful islands and beaches that are a must-visit. You wouldn’t want to go elsewhere!

Yes, traveling is not advisable right now due to the pandemic. The cure for virus COVID-19 has not been found yet. But I’m sure everyone is being precautious about their health everywhere they go. Even if it is for just grocery shopping. So, if you are missing the beach tremendously or need a new holiday destination to include on your list, we have something to cheer you up. A compilation of must-visit islands that are not to be missed captured by the talented Aereon Wong. Check out his mindblowing shots right now!

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