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Missed Coldplay Tickets in Malaysia? Catch Them in These Other Asian Destinations!

Overwhelming traffic on Coldplay’s Kuala Lumpur concert ticket sales day leaves many fans disappointed for not being able to purchase them.

Coldplay has always been recognized as music geniuses, from their dreamer-type songs to heartfelt, beautifully written lyrics to their incredible ability as performers that leaves a huge impact on whoever attended their concerts. Aside from being amazing musicians and artists, Coldplay is often idolized for their principles and moral values such as being environmentally conscious which they pledged to include sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible for their ongoing world tour, Music of the Spheres.

Coldplay’s efforts are based on these 3 principles, according to their official website which are Reduce, Reinvent and Restore. They pledge to reduce and recycle consumption, support new green technology as well as include super low carbon touring methods and make the tour as environmentally beneficial as possible by funding projects that draw down significantly more CO2 than the tour produces. Coldplay also has sponsored watercrafts in order to help clean the rivers in Malaysia.

A fan once said:

, “You have to go to a Coldplay concert once in your life. It is life-changing! Everything about it! Their songs, how they connect with the audience and the performance is such a sensory experience like no other. You’ll have tears in your eyes by the end of the night.”


Coldplay’s previous tour back in 2016-2017, A Head Full of Dreams Tour was rumored to be their last tour ever which is why fans were absolutely shocked when they announced their Music of the Spheres tour that is currently ongoing right now. On top of that, they announced that Kuala Lumpur is included in their tour list for the first time.

Fans were on top of the moon when they heard this news. However, now it is rumored that Music of the Spheres will definitely be their last tour ever making fans in Malaysia and neighboring countries dying for a ticket to see them live on the 22nd of November 2023.

On the day of ticket sales, live nation’s website was overwhelmed by the traffic that left many fans waiting for hours in queue only to realize that the tickets were sold out. Fans are begging for Coldplay to add an extra day to their concert in Malaysia but hasn’t had any news on that so far. Don’t lose hope, here are some neighboring countries that are included in Coldplay’s tour list that you’ll be able to attend;

Asian destinations that are worth checking ♥

Tokyo (Dome Stadium)

Start saving up for a flight ticket if you’d like to catch them in Tokyo. Their concert will be held between 6th and 7thNovember 2023. Ticket sales go up on 17th June!

Get Tickets Here


Jakarta (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium)

For Jakarta’s concert, ticket sales are up on 19th May so what are you waiting for? Get your ticket right now if you want to catch them on 15th November 2023!

Get Tickets Here


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