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Travel Diary: KLoé Hotel Evokes Culture, Art and Endless Creativity

KLoé hotel the safe haven

More than just a typical staycation in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, I discovered music, art, knowledge, wellness and so much more.

With the Movement Restricted Order been lifted and the government’s approval for us to #cuticutimalaysia, now you can enjoy travelling and exploring our locals’ escapades like how we used to before! Whether you are on for a self-discovery journey or finding ways to reconnect with your better half in a romantic getaway, include KLoé Hotel as part of your list. Just remember to follow the new SOP to make sure your health is in check, of course.

Truth be told, I was amazed by the hotel’s unique concept in comparison to the rest around the Bukit Bintang area. A safe haven with artistic designs that stands out perfectly in a concrete jungle. From a room filled with all types of books, you need to feed your mind with, to a great number of old records’ handpicked by DJ Rudy La Faber available for you to dance the night away.

To be honest, I’m proud to say that I’ve been there more than once. Every time feels incredible. I even had the chance to meet the creative minds of the 5 unique lofts available in the hotel. They confessed that travels play a vital role in their inspirations. I definitely second that!

dj rudy la faber in kloé hotel

For me, a great hotel needs to be clean, beautiful and provided with an array of gastronomic food that I can enjoy. Surprisingly, KLoé Hotel opens my mind and expectations to more than just that. Why I love it so much? Here are some of the reasons why:

Appreciation of local artwork

As you wander around the hotel, you’ll discover interesting decorations and artworks that make each space as unique as possible. I mean, who doesn’t loves art, right? I know I do! Designed and produced by Malaysian creatives, I personally admire KLoé Hotel’s notable act in supporting local work.

Creative Lofts for Creative Souls

I’ve travelled to a few places before but I have never witnessed curated spaces inspired by artists lofts and studios for creative souls. 5 unique rooms (Room to Listen, Room to Grow, Room to Draw, Room to Taste and Room to Read) designed by 5 inspiring souls, this additional take is the different kind of vibe you need to level up your staycation.

I do have some personal favorites which includes The Room to Listen by Dj Rudy La Faber. It is filled with classic records that can be hard to find elsewhere. So if you appreciate good music as I do, well here is the place that you need to be visiting ASAP! Imagine diving yourself into some good tunes for a great mind escapade as the hours passes by. Sounds like a plan to me!

I am definitely in Klove with Room to Taste by Sarah Huang Benjamin. A place where you can enjoy takeaway food or room service with a beautiful dining setting from the comfort of your room. Also, Sarah provided some of her must-try International and local recipes to inspire you when you get back home. Channel the inner Julia Child in you and get cracking in the kitchen, Sarah’s style. So exciting!

Besides being a writer, I do love to sketch. I did some fashion drawing for my final projects in college which ended with scored some good results. So without a doubt, the Room to Draw by Joee Cheong draws my attention instantly. I’m not a professional artist but hey, a room filled with all the essential tools for sketching and more, it’s a dream come true alright.

Wellness retreat for mind, body and soul

I wasn’t expecting to join one of the wellness sessions available during my stay. With good recommendations by the hotel’s Floor Manager, Mr. Yega, I made it for the Sound Bath session at the b.est Mind & Body Wellness center. Did I feel relaxed at the end of the session? No! Because the Guru did a great job to calm everyone throughout the session until the very last second. Was it effective? Definitely yes! I felt a sense of negative energy released from my body and mind. Also, it made me have better consciousness as a result. Should you go for it? Yes, please!

Comfort food deliciously served

3 words! Salmon, egg, and bread. These are my go-to ingredients to have no matter where I go. During my recent stay at KLoé Hotel, I managed to have them all. Every dish I ordered was cook to perfection. It was just too damn good! Period!

Room to-die-for

What is your favourite part of a hotel room? Could it be the endless movie list that you get to watch? The free snacks that you get to enjoy? Or the room service experience that makes you feel like a King? Not for me! Mine would be the mattress. I don’t know what about hotels bedding that gives me such comfort but that’s all I need to end my day right. Thank you for agreeing with me LOL.

Enough said. Now you can experience yourself the best of what KLoé Hotel has to offer without any disruption. Enjoy your stay!

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