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Travel Diary: HIPSHUT’s Penang Take Over With A Twist Of Fun And Chaos

Travel Diary: HIPSHUT's Penang Take Over With A Twist Of Fun And Chaos
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Expect the unexpected with a whole lot of adorableness 😉

This trip to Penang Island was more of HIPSHUT & Co’s kind of holiday. Why? Basically my sister decided to bring the whole family along. It has been such a long time since we all travelled together.

You may be confused about the details. So let me break it down to you first. The founders of HIPSHUT, Mims Zainal, and Nisa’ Halid. YUP! In total there was us, the HIPSHUT team, Mims’ daughter (Adriana Lulu), my husband (Ikmal Hakim) my parents (Norizan Osmand and Zainal Othman), my second sister (Nora Zainal) and her husband (Daniel Ahyar), and their kids (Iris Batrisya, Izdiyad Rizqi, and Isaac Rayyan). So with that, it became The Zainal’s / HIPSHUT ‘s Penang Takeover trip LOL. Thanks to TREVO, our journey was a smooth one. If you need more information, you can read all about it here.

As you already know, sometimes things may not turn out the way as we planned. That’s what exactly happened on this trip. Nothing major or bad though! But more funny and unexpected things that made it an interesting one. With the help of my cute nieces and nephews of course!

Find out all the deeds from our 3-day trip to Penang Island. You will love it. I promise!

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