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7 Unique Hotels To Add To Your Bucket List

I’m sure everyone is itching to travel now. I’m also positive everyone already has a long list of places to visit soon as it’s safe to travel.

Sharing the list of unique hotels on my bucket list. I don’t want the standard overnight setup this time. I want to go on an unusual adventure! Well…that if my bank account allows 🙂

The first hotel that I want to go to is the place where Obama, Ellen, and Portia had been.. I know my daughter will go crazy if we decide to go for a holiday here. So first on my bucket list…drumrollllll

Giraffe Manor at Nairobi Africa

It’s claimed to be one of the most Instagramed property in the world. Just look at the photo on their website. Which human will not go crazy taking photos at every single corner of this place? I’ll make a freaking discovery channel for this. Giraffe Manor is set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. The building itself is one of the most iconic hotel in Nairobi.

But what I look forward the most is to enjoy my meal with a resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat.  Lulu will go ecstatic she might not even eat but will be busy treating the giraffes while Nisa’ might be hiding the table or maybe she won’t even leave the room. Oh, what joy!

Next, I want the experience of being cosseted by water heated to 34ºC and enjoy the spectacular Lake Lucerne and the mountains view. Doesn’t matter whether while it’s snowing or raining – or in warm sunshine, I will be there.

The Boutique Hotel Villa Honegg , Switzerland

Once I had enough of mountain view, I yearn for my true love kiss in a complete magical setup. 

Hotel Montaña Magica, Chile

Set in Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in the Patagonian Rainforest, this unique, volcano-shaped ecolodge is 1 minute from Museo de los Volcanes, a museum containing local curiosities, 5 km from Huilo-Huilo Falls and 12 km from Neltume River.

I’ll be singing on top of my lungs ( like how Gisselle sang the Happy Working song ) calling all the animals…Then, we dance till before sunset because I don’t want to miss the cheese with the view of the volcano Mocho Choshuenco. Ah, what a lovely plan!

From the tree in Chile’s forest, I jump to the next tall trees in the pine forest of Northern Sweden.

Treehotel, Sweeden

Looking at the treehouse, my jaw drops seeing seven living pods suspended in tall pines up to 20 feet above the forest floor. (You get into them via ladder, suspended bridge, or electric stairs.) I’m confused about which room to pick but if someone holds a knife of my neck to make my decision, I will go with The Cabin. Put on Everglow by Coldplay, ask Nisa’ and Lulu to shut up to enjoy the Northern Lights illuminating the sky together with me. Heaven on earth!

Hotel Marqués de Riscal

Still in romantic mood, Hotel Marqués de Riscal ranks #5 on my bucket list. This stunning 2Ist century chateau was designed by internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry and is a true masterpiece. I can see ourself enjoying the local exquisite cuisine with the vineyard view at one of iconic building in the “city of wine”. Zou bisou bisou!

From the vineyard, we took a train to Pennsylvania….. 

Train Hotel: Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania

I want to bring my nephew to the Red Caboose Motel because he is a huge fan of Thomas & Friends –  without a doubt, he will be jumping frantically to see the collection of 38 cabooses right in front of his eye. I think this can be the only time I can make him listen to me for more than 5 minutes. : D Regardless, the sleeping quarters in this motel looks basic—except that they’re set in real caboose cars. However, the one that we really look forward to is to experience early 20th Century steam railroading, as they would have back then. Choo choo!

By the 7th hotel, I don’t think I have enough money to continue further. So here is the last unique hotel on my bucket list before I go fully broke – the first hotel that was built entirely using salt.

#7 Palacio De Sal Hotel

Its walls, ceilings, and sculptures, as well as the majority of its furniture—including the beds—are made from large salt bricks. I hope Lulu won’t be licking the wall to validate the salt taste – “ It’s real mommy..”. Yeah all her scripts are in my pocket.

Done with my ‘berangan’. I shall check my bank account after the MCO is over to see if I can at least book one of these unique hotels. Otherwise, forever it shall be on my bucket list 🙂

Lastly, stay safe people! Share your bucket list of unique hotel to us because we should all go traveling once it’s safe to do so… Ending my post with Hellen Keller’s quote. I personally like this one



Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world

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