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#LocalAppreciation: Muar Is Waiting For You! These 6 Reasons Will Tell You Why

#localappreciation: muar

Clear your schedule and book yourself a car! It’s time for a road trip to the wondrous city.

Muar, the Royal town of Johor, may seem forgotten but it’s often surpassed by more popular destinations such as Penang island and Langkawi island. You should know that this humble town holds a very high reputation as one of the best culinary destinations in Johor. But that’s not all though!

If you love to go for a hike, Muar has got you covered. If you love the flavourful taste of food, Muar has got you covered. If you love art, Muar has got you covered as well. So what are you waiting for? Check out what’s waiting for you in the city now!

Stunning landscape that you can’t resist

Our country is blessed with many treasure trove waiting to be explored. If you love nature, then get yourself to Muar RN! Be sure to check out the legendary Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) which is protected under the management of Gunung Ledang Johor National Park. Marked as one of the most visit tourist destinations in Johor, you will enjoy being surrounded by an expanse of pristine tropical rainforest, unique plants and animals. It also serves as a critical water catchment area for Johor and Melaka. More to add on your list are Tanjung Emas and Sungai Mati.

Mountain in Muar
Shin Shin on Flickr

Food, food, food!

Many people would travel for miles just for their famous mee bandung Muar. We’re not denying that! But there is more to be discovered. Enjoy dining amidst a beautiful natural setting or at a casual stall by the side of the road, it doesn’t get better than this. Food tastes equally spectacular! From otak-otak to satay and chicken rice, Muar food guarantees to leave you wanting more. If you fancy for a different dining experience overlooking Muar’s beautiful beaches, consider Pantai Leka and Parit Jawa for your trip.

Satay muar
Gabriel Tay on Flickr
Otak-otak muar
Fizz Wizzle on Flickr

All-day delicious coffee

No one enjoys coffee more than I do! I need that daily dose of caffeine regardless of time and day. Who doesn’t right? So when my friends told me that Muar has a few must-visit cafes that served coffee to-die-for, I just had to explore. There are so many that you can choose from. Sai Kee Kopi 434 Muar, Cafe 1988, and Project Kaffeine are the top ones that you can go to. More than just a coffee place, these restaurants serve desserts as well.

Playtime for you and little ones!

Do you happen to have a little Ross Geller (Friends’ cast) in the family? If you do, then Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden is where you need to take him. A small theme park with more than 30 dinosaurs sculptures for visitors to play with. Kids from the age of 3 to 12 would enjoy this park the most. Or reenact a few scenes from Jurassic Park movie. Grown-ups deserve some good time too you know.

More fun awaits you at the HS Farmstay. A farm that encourages an appreciation for plants, animals, and fruits. There are a lot of activities that can be done here – horse riding, cycling, swimming and more – staying a night would a great option for you.

Greenery visit

Pay a visit to Bonsai Society to increase your love for Bonsai and all green things. There will be times when this must-visit destination will organize an exhibition. From there, you are able to learn more about plants especially bonsai. Interesting isn’t it?

Walk of art

Muar’s first augmented reality murals were created on an alley off Jalan Sisi. The designs well-captured the culture of the city. No wonder it has made it to the Malaysian Book of Records. In time, more artists designed murals painting along the Muar Cultural Walk which includes paddy fields and egrets, amongst others.

Muar Cultural Walk
Muar Cultural Walk

You’re welcome! We promise you, you will have a blast in Muar. So, start planning your trip from now on 🙂

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