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5 Rejuvenating Work-cation Airbnbs That You Would Say Yes In A Heartbeat

5 Rejuvenating Work-cation Airbnbs That You Would Say Yes In A Heartbeat
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You definitely deserve it, after all

As our everyday lives revolve around work, it only makes sense that we make the best out of it. How? Alone or with someone, explore a change of work scenery with a remote working getaway. Yes, I’ll say it again! You definitely deserve it!

There’s a study by US-based security service Kisi found that KL-lites have among the lowest work-life balance globally, ranking 4th among the most overworked cities in the world. Oh, dear!

Before we explore further, here are some facts that you need to know about how Malaysians are eager to work, travel, and live in this current situation:

  • Remote working is on the rise, with 40% of Malaysians currently adopting this new lifestyle, and 21% seeking to work remotely in the future.
  • The prospect of a work-cation is highly popular in Malaysia as 78% are interested in living and working from somewhere other than home for an extended period, citing a change of scenery as the most appealing aspect of this nomadic lifestyle, along with the opportunity to reinvigorate their work life.
  • 73% of Malaysians are looking forward to travelling within their country, showing a growing trend in living and working from anywhere across the region.
  • Additional data also show that main searches for Airbnb amenities include WiFi connectivity and pet-friendly homes, further supporting the trend of people are looking to combine working and travelling.

Insightful and interesting, you’re welcome! So, if you are looking for a change of pace and inspiration too, our list of hip and chic Airbnbs has got you covered. From settling into work with the peaceful sound of waves while embracing every chill yet productive moment you have from the usuals. Picture perfect! Keep clicking next to explore your options:

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