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5 Must-follow Instagram Accounts If You Love Traveling And Beautiful Destinations

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Need some travel inspirations? These curators’ stories in exploring beautiful cities will make you want to book your next vacay RN!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Travel is a necessity. No one can deny that! People travel for many reasons. For me personally, I travel for food and beautiful designs. Nothing excites me more than these. Not even spending some quiet time on the beach. Whenever I feel like I need a vacation, I’d always look for travel inspirations on Instagram. There are so many interesting to look at. I’m sure you do that too! Here are some of my favorite travel souls that have captured my attention, without a doubt!

Bella Kuan

A beautiful person, in and out, there is no one quite like her. I am definitely obsessed with her Instagram feed. So beautifully curated! You will be inspired too! As a Lululemon Malaysia’s ambassador, Bella has been leading a few workout classes of her own. Be sure to follow her account for the beautiful daily inspiration that you need.

Casey Wong

More than just a travel influencer, Casey produces amazing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content as well. All of her content is creatively original. From her fashionable #ootd to baking tutorial and fun #TikTok videos, you will enjoy every bit of it. Check out these insanely gorgeous shots taken from some of her trips before the global pandemic.

Leslie PNG

Beach vibes all the way when it comes to this one. Leslie is often seen curating content on beaches and had fun doing so. I can never take the same aesthetic as he does on the same spot. It’s the unique way he captures every detail and corner in his unique way.

Wan Nur Syaira

As an artist and founder of Wan Nur Syaira Studio, she spent most of her time creating masterpieces. More than just a pretty face, Syaira’s talent is the one to be recognized as well. Her work is modern, original, and inspiring beauty. Big fan right here! I bet she finds her inspirations from all of her travelings. That seems about right to me. Just take a good look at her work of art, and you would agree too.

Aina Syahirah

PR girl turned #bossbabe of KULET, Aina is one of the most inspiring young personalities in Malaysia. Humble, creative, and beautiful, Aina presents herself and her brand in the best ways possible. Yes, I love her work! But her creative inspirations are the ones to be recognized as well. As someone who has been traveling a lot, her contents are never disappointing. Even if it’s just taking a selfie in a beautiful hotel setting. It definitely intrigued my wanderlust. I bet you will feel the same way too.

Hope these helps to inspire your next travel postings 🙂

Ezza Zainal

Be the storyteller that everyone can’t get enough of. Period!

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