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Washable And Protective, UNIQLO AIRism Mask Is Too Good To Pass On

AIRism mask

A line of high-performance face mask that you need is arriving soon

Once again, UNIQLO has created a line to make everyone’s life better through LifeWear. Based on customers’ requests, UNIQLO has succeeded to produce the AIRism mask that would optimize health, protection, and comfort for daily use. Yeayyy!!! Just what we need through to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. Isn’t that convenient? No more low-quality face mask to be wasted with.

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The unique layers of UNIQLO’s AIRism mask are perfect to have in this humid weather. Designed with three sizes (S, M, and L), you can choose the right one to best fits you comfortably. Oh, and it comes in black and white colour too. I just love it! But let’s talk a little bit more about the high-quality details of the AIRism mask.

Designed with a unique triple-layer structure that enhances performance

Only the best for you! If you must know, the center of the mask employs a filter that delivers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%. What does it mean? Basically it helps to protect the skin from bacteria and pollen particles. Jackpot! The material that is covering the filter on both sides is the AIRism mesh fabric. That’s not all! The triple-layer structure has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ rating as a way to shield 90% of ultraviolet rays from directly shining towards you.

Washable And Protective, UNIQLO AIRism Mask Is Too Good To Pass On
1 pack for 3-pieces, RM39.90

Retains high-protection filtering of the masks after washing

Reusable mask is such a cost efficient item that everyone needs. That’s what UNIQLO has came up with in its latest invention. Moreover, UNIQLO lovers are all about minimising environmental impact. With the AIRism mask, you are able to wash it by using washing machine with regular household detergent. So easy! Based on a test, it has proven that the filter designed in the mask retains its efficiency even after 20 washes at 40 degrees. High-quality, indeed!

Washable And Protective, UNIQLO AIRism Mask Is Too Good To Pass On
1 pack for 3-pieces, RM39.90

Breathable and comfortable structure to wear all day long

Yes, it’s true! The AIRism mask fabric is more comfortable to wear than non-woven or cotton masks. Feels silky smooth on the skin! That sounds perfect to me! Thanks to the inner well-designed of the AIRism layer, it instantly helps to reduce stress. Leaving you nothing but comfort throughout the day. With the triple-layer mesh structure, it keeps the mask light and thin making it breathable for the wearer.

UNIQLO’s AIRism mask will be available on September 14, this year. Get ready to purchase it in all stores in Malaysia and online while stocks last.

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