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Live In The Moment And Travel Virtually To Your Heart’s Content

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Yes, that’s right! Agoda‘s latest digital travel platform will take you to places virtually in exploring all the beautiful things that the world has to offer from the comfort of your home. Or wherever you may be!

I don’t know about you, but ever since I watched Blended movie by Adam Sandler, South Africa has been added to my bucket list indefinitely! Now I can finally make my dream come true. And you can too! So whether you have always wanted to experience India’s rich culture or explore the natural beauty of Canada, Agoda has got you covered. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you’ll be at your ultimate holiday destination in no time. Isn’t this exciting? I’m already packing my bags to fit my virtual holiday trip to South Africa as we speak (don’t judge me).

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New York
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According to Agoda Usage & Attitude Survey (U&A) conducted among 22,000 respondents in 20 countries, the result has allowed the travel digital platform to provide a handy guide to fulfill each travel souls’ desire. Nature/Countryside; Beaches; Food & Dining; Landmarks; and Culture are the top five reasons for people to travel. Now let’s take a look at your options, shall we?

#1 Natures and Cities

I think we all can agree that nature and scenery are the common factors that motivate people to travel. And Agoda U&A survey result seconds that. Be captivated as you gaze into the magical night skies for glimpses of the Northern Lights, Canada which is streamed live every night. Or explore the wild and rugged landscape of South Africa through Wild Earth Safaris South Africa. I can honestly imagine the beautiful scenery as I’m writing this right now. Trust me, you definitely don’t want to miss this! 

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South Africa
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South Africa
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If you’re not so much of a nature lover, transport yourself to the melting pot of cosmopolitan India, Mumbai. Celebrate the rich culture, unique delicacies, and breathtaking scenery that Mumbai has to offer. You will have the chance to view the world’s second-largest number of art-deco buildings amongst other historic colonial, gothic, and contemporary architecture. Perhaps, you can also pay a virtual visit to the iconic landmarks of London like Tower Bridge, London Eye, and Carnaby Street. 

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#2 Beaches and Islands

Listed as a second favorite travel destination on a global scale, Agoda included a few tropical paradises for the perfect beach getaway that you definitely need. Be among the first to explore the unique corals and sea life of the Buck Island Reed National Park dated back 10,000 years ago. You’re in luck as Marine Life photographer Brian Skerry will take you through a spectacular journey discovering the beautiful gem colors and textures of the island’s unique and protected barrier reef. You can also watch sea turtle hatchlings make their way into the ocean at night. So cute! When you are done with that, continue your tropical paradise holiday by taking a virtual dive with sea lions at the National Marine Sanctuaries courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

#3 Food and Dining

Did you know that according to the U&A survey, travelers from Asia often travel for the food? Well, that’s a fact! Instead of your endless trips to the kitchen having unhealthy snacks and preparing the same menu, upgrade your cooking skill with help from chefs around the world. Recreate dishes made by Michelin-star Italian chef Massimo Bottura of #KitchenQuarantine with a gourmet twist to give yourself the best dining experience from the comfort of your home! Or take note from home-grown celebrity chef Anis Nabilah and tune in to her Instagram account for some hearty local recipes. 

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#4 Landmarks

Another one from the U&A survey, Chinese and Indonesian tourists are most likely to visit famous attractions when traveling. On a global scale, it has become the fourth biggest motivation to travel. With that, Agoda has listed a few Instagram worthy destinations for your virtual holiday.

Spark some romance with your other half by traveling to the most romantic city on earth, Paris. Plan out a candlelight dinner and hit play on a classic French playlist with the sight of Paris city to light up the mood. I’m sure you can’t say no to that!

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To all Meghan Markle fans, you can now experience being in the official London residence of the sovereigns and currently, the administrative headquarters of the Monarch, as she did before. While the State Rooms are open to visitors every summer, with Agoda, you’ll get the first-class ticket to visit Buckingham Palace at your convenience where the Royal Collection Trust shares the palace’s rich history through virtual tours.

Or better yet, bring out the inner child in you, and travel to the most magical place on earth, Disneyland. Fun rides and Disneyland Paris’ breathtaking ‘Disney Illuminations’ await you. This may come in handy especially if you want to entertain your kids from all the boredom at home.  

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#5 Theatre and Music

If you grew up watching musical movies such as Sound of Music and Mary Poppins like me, you’ll enjoy the magical experience by watching plays, musicals, or dance performances through Agoda’s digital travel platform. It really depends on what you’d prefer. If dance is more of your scene, you should consider including the Bolshoi theatre’s performance of Swan Lake in your must-watch list. You can also check out Handel’s Acis and Galatea or The Winter’s Tale performed by the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet. 

Or sing and dance to your heart’s content and fulfill your musical obsession by watching Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Show Must Go On.’ The performance includes song bursting The Phantom of the Opera, and toe-tapping Joseph’s Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat.

There’s more! You can also enjoy live stream performances by Columbia Records artists like Diplo and John Mayer. Well, I absolutely don’t mind being serenaded to sleep by these soulful voices especially Mayer. Ah, his voice is a wonderland!

#6 Museums and Galleries

From Kuala Lumpur to Paris, Agoda takes you for a virtual walk-through all the finest arts you can find. Dive into Islamic history at the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur or get an up-close view of world-famous paintings like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, Paris. Continue your art conquest by taking a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met 360 project has released a series of six short videos featuring Met’s art and architecture that are not to be missed! Also, while you’re there, experience the wide expanse of the six unique halls-Great Hall, The Cloisters, The Temple of Dendur, The Met Breuer, The Charles Engelhard Court, and Arms and Armor Galleries.

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#7 Into Space

Lastly, Agoda brings you an exclusive out of this world travel experience through NASA’s Space Station live stream. You are able to view sixteen orbits around the Earth in 24 hours from NASA’s International Space Station. This means you have the chance to watch sunset or sunrise, which happens every 45 minutes. So don’t forget to include this once in a lifetime opportunity in between your Netflix movies marathon. 

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Now that you’ve got your travel destination sorted, it’s time to organize your time perfectly to fit everything in. #Stayhome and travel safely with Agoda. Enjoy your holiday!

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