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Natasha Hudson Had A BALL At The Adopt-A-Reef Campaign in Lankayan Island

BALL Watch is proud to play its part in ensuring the reefs within SIMCA are well protected.

Ball Watch showcases its commitment to ocean conservation with the Adopt-A Reef Campaign, a campaign that supports marine commitment, conservation efforts, and research within the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA) in Sabah, Malaysia, a collaboration effort with Reef Guardian.

It was a memorable event to witness the discovery of a new reef named after the BALL watch itself. The Reef Guardian team and BALL watch placed the BALL signage together on this special day. Anytime you pop by Lankayan Island don’t forget to check out this beautiful BALL WATCH reef.

SIMCA is recognized globally for its well-managed Protected Area and became an International Union Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Green List Site on 19 May 2022

SIMCA is set within the Sulu Sea Region, SIMCA spans 46,317 hectares and includes the Lankayan, Billean and Tegaipil islands. It is home to at least 600 species of reef fishes, 300 species of corals, six species of giant clams, two species of sea turtles, and 26 species of seagrass and algae. On 19 May 2022, SIMCA was recognized globally as a well-managed Protected Area and became an International Union Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Green List Site. The first of its kind in Malaysia and the Coral Triangle Countries. This positive outcome is the long-term commitment of Reef Guardian and stakeholders, such as local governments, NGOs, and local communities that have ensured the reefs within SIMCA are some of the most protected in Sabah.

Reef Guardian, the appointed private and not-for-profit company by the state government to manage SIMCA

Since 2004, Reef Guardian has been protecting the reefs around Lankayan Island from further destruction and marine threats, like fish bombing. Beyond protecting the Reef Guardian research scientists have surveyed over 35 submersible reefs around the Lankayan and Billean Islands since 2019 by monitoring the coral reef health, recording reef fishes, and coral diversity. The data is then shared globally to demonstrate the efficacy of marine conservation investments.

About BALL Watch Company

Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer Reefs Special Edition

Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer Reefs Special Edition

BALL Watch Company is a timekeeping pioneer and celebrated manufacturer of quality, precise and reliable timepieces since 1891. Ball  Watch was founded to address a critical need for timekeeping precision in the early years of railroad development. In the decades since, it has remained faithful to its philosophy of accuracy under adverse conditions even while embracing the dramatic changes of the 20th and 21st centuries. The watchmaker extends the know-how it acquired in the service of the railroad industry to illuminate the human spirit in numerous ways; including supporting adventurers who have scaled the world’s tallest peaks, its furthest poles, and even the final frontier, that is Space.

Sustainability is a top priority for everyone these days. With the increase in global warming and human-induced activities such as unsustainable coastal development and illegal fishing, Ball Watch turns its attention to another environment facing adversity: The ocean.

According to Evelyn Wang, General Manager of BALL Watch Malaysia, “BALL Watch has always valued the sanctity of life and bold human endeavour. Through its efforts in documenting the positive outcomes of biodiversity protection and a well-managed and well-governed protected marine area, Reef Guardian proves that ocean conservation is a necessary investment of resources. Together with the commitment of local governments and organisations, we are proud to play our part in ensuring the reefs within SIMCA are well protected”.



Dr. Achier Chung who is the Reef Guardian’s lead marine biologist and advisor discovered Reef 28 in 2006. Reef 28, currently named after BALL Watch Malaysia to symbolize the contribution to SIMCA. A medium-sized reef, Reef 28 is among the most pristine reefs around Lankayan Island, located 4km northwest of Lankayan island. A famous dive site that beautifully captures the wonder of the underwater world with its high diversity of fishes and corals. It’s truly a beauty!

The second activity in the Adopt-A-Reef Campaign will gather BALL Watch representatives, partners, and stakeholders at Lankayan Island for a weekend of marine conservation-related activities such as:

  • An awareness talk
  • Reef Check eco-diver training
  • Beach and underwater clean-up at Lankayan and Billean Islands.

Additionally, a unique 3 Days 2 Nights package will be designed for potential partners who join the campaign to fundraise and promote the Adopt-A-Reef programme.

Again, truly a great effort by Ball Watch in the Adopt-A-Reef programme to protect and preserve the marine conservation efforts and research within the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA).

We know that when we protect our oceans we're protecting our future - Bill Clinton


Coral Reefs Fun Facts

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