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Japan Reopened Its Border: Things Travellers Need To Know

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Japan reopened its border officially to individual travelers on 11th October 2022

It’s official! Japan has finally reopened its borders to individual travelers. What does it mean to Asian travelers like us? Should we book the flight now? I checked via Skyscanner and found the cheapest return flight to Fukuoka is RM1,279, the return flight to Nagoya is RM1,324 and to Tokyo is RM1,324 if we travel via Phillippine Airlines in October. How tempting!

October Return Flights Price to Japan via Skyscanner


Go ahead and proceed with the flight and hotel bookings. Since you are no longer required to travel via Japan package tours only, you can now plan your itinerary freely. But, before flying off to Japan, here’s what you need to know:

Things Travelers Need To Know Before Traveling To Japan

#1  You don’t need to apply for a visa if you are a passport holder of these countries

Tokyo Street, Japan

Are you a citizen of Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam? Good news baby!   Travelers from the above-stated countries can visit Japan visa-free from October 11, 2022.

68 Countries That Are Exempted of Visa ( Short-Term Stay)

Asia Europe
Brunei (14 days) Andorra
Indonesia (Note 1) Austria (Note 6)
Malaysia (Note 2) Belgium
Republic of Korea Bulgaria
Singapore Croatia
Thailand (Note 2) (15 days) Cyprus
Hong Kong (Note 3) Czech Republic
Macao (Note 4) Denmark
Taiwan Estonia
North America Finland
Canada North Macedonia
United States France
Latin America and the Caribbean Germany (Note 6)
Argentina Greece
Bahamas Hungary
Barbados(Note 5) Iceland
Chile Ireland (Note 6)
Costa Rica Italy
Dominican Republic Latvia
El Salvador Liechtenstein (Note 6)
Guatemala Lithuania
Honduras Luxembourg
Mexico (Note 6) Malta
Surinam Monaco
Uruguay Netherlands
Oceania Norway
Australia Poland
New Zealand Portugal
Middle East Romania
Israel San Marino
Turkey(Note 5) Serbia (Note 2)
United Arab Emirates (Note 7) Slovakia
Africa Slovenia
Lesotho(Note 5) Spain
Mauritius Sweden
Tunisia Switzerland (Note 6)
United Kingdom (Note 6)

Information is taken from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website 

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