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Is eCurve Getting A Makeover Or Being Closed Down For Good?

eCurve Is Getting A Makeover Or Being Closed Down For Good?

Damansara will feel a little gloomy…

The rumours have been spreading around about the closure of one of the fav spots in Damansara, including myself, eCurve. Some people even morn over the devastating news as well. Below are some of the response:

But guess what Hip Hearts? The shopping mall will not be closing down for good. Instead, it’ will be going through a makeover. Yayy!!! It would be part of the mall’s “urban rejuvenation” plans to better fit with the current living lifestyle. The Curve, on the other hand, will not be part of this re-development. And. It is still operating as per usual.

The actual date of the re-opening has yet to be confirmed. Let’s just hope everything will run smoothly and we’ll get to experience the new look and feel of E-Curve. Very exciting!!!!

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