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If You Are Clueless About The #GE15, You’re Not Alone

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#GE15 voting day is happening soon!

#GE15 is happening this coming Saturday, 19th November! Whether you’re voting for the first time or there are just too many things happening in these past 5 years that you need a refresher. Hear out…

First thing first, Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above are automatically registered as voters since December 2021, making all of us eligible to vote.

Polling Station

Before heading out to vote, please go to mySPRsemak first to check for your polling station or download the MySemak SPR mobile app which is available on Google Play¬†and the¬†Apple App Store. If you don’t have an internet connection ( which is weird since you are reading this article ), then call the hotline: 03-8892 7018.

You will be able to obtain the below details after inserting your NRIC Number. Make sure to take a screenshot of your SPR Profile since you will need it at the verification counter.


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