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Be Alert On Your ‘Raya Haji’ Visits With This Updated Covid-19 States’ Statistic

Be More Alert For Your 'Raya Haji' Visits With This Covid-19 States' Statistic
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It’s best to stay at home but if you have to meet and greet some people, take note on the statistic that will help you to be more careful

Your life is more important than a yearly celebration. As of now, there are 13 more new cases dated on the 29th of July. In total there are 8,956 cases in Malaysia, which includes the positive result and the negative ones. Isn’t this scary?

The more we neglect our responsibility, the more it’s going to affect ourselves and the people around us. The rise of cases happened due to the ignorance of people not practicing social distancing and good hygiene. I know it’s a special day for all Muslims. So if you’re planning for some family and friends visit, I hope that this Covid-19 statistic states update will make you more alert.

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