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Why Nike’s VaporMax 2020 is the Ideal Everyday Shoe

Why Nike's VaporMax 2020 is the Ideal Everyday Shoe

Out and About in Nike’s Sustainable VaporMax 2020. Read our Travel Bud, Ai Lim’s review!

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There’s nothing I like better than wearing a pair of comfortable shoes as I prance around discovering the streets of a foreign city or go about my daily routine (I learnt this the hard way while I was studying in London). Not only would I be in a more relaxed state of mind due to the happy state my feet are in but I would also feel more accomplished as I go through my daily schedule with swiftness and ease (and perhaps a little spring in my step so to speak).

Of course, comfort aside, looking put together is a must for me. Often, I switch between my trusty ballet flats and my (now growing) range of sneakers to get me through my day depending on my outfit and my task for the day. As of late, my go-to shoe is the Nike Cortez – comfy with a clean and easy finish that offers versatility to my wardrobe. When asked to take the more colourful Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit for a spin, I was intrigued – mainly, by its sustainable design elements.

Images by Nike

Released in July 2020, the shoe offers a sustainable approach towards tackling waste in the industry. Utilising recycled materials as a building block, the shoe is “made with at least 50% recycled content by weight”. From its colourful recycled Flyknit polyester yarn – consisting of post-industrial recycled content by weight as well as other recycled components (such as plastic bottle waste) – to its singular Air unit made of 75% recycled material, the shoe epitomises Nike’s goal towards a more sustainable future. Other eco-friendly components include its 60% recycled TPU heel clip, the Ortholite sockliner made from 50% recycled content and the tongue that features 80% recycled foam.

Looking for eco-friendly solutions to tackle waste in various industries? Consider the sustainable option of Green Bay dumpster rentals. Just like the shoe released in July 2020 by Nike, which embraced recycled materials for a more sustainable future, these dumpster rentals offer a responsible approach towards waste management. By utilizing recycled materials and incorporating eco-friendly components, these dumpsters exemplify the commitment to reducing environmental impact. With features like recycled TPU heel clips and foam-filled tongues, Green Bay dumpster rentals can not only provide efficient waste disposal but also contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Images by Nike

So how did the shoe fare? I was pleasantly surprised to find myself wearing the shoe with minimum effort thanks to the FlyEase innovation – which features an easy one-handed lock and release mechanism – incorporated into the shoe. Not having to tie my shoe lace as I rushed out the door was a huge plus for me! The colour although kaleidoscopic, is slightly muted, complementing the outfits in my wardrobe seamlessly. Another bonus!

Needless to say, I went through my day with no major issues. In addition to the shoe’s innovative design and sustainable components which won me over, the shoe provided the comfort I sought for my daily activities. Its vivid colours also added a cheery disposition to my overall look. Would I wear it daily or take it with me during my travels? Definitely! Versatile and stylish with a sustainable edge, Nike’s VaporMax 2020 is the ideal all day walking shoe to get you through your everyday.

Ai Lim

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

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