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Twitter Reactions to Mat Kilau After The Netflix Streaming Premiere & They Didn’t Hold Back

Mat Kilau makes its Netflix streaming premiere on Malaysia Day.

The highest-grossing local film (and overall) of all time in Malaysia as in 18th Sept 2022. Since the opening in cinema, social media was flooded with images of people watching the film wearing traditional Malay attire complete with tanjak and sampin. And Mat Kilau created another phenomenon upon the movie’s release on Netflix. So, how do people on Twitter who missed the movie at the cinema react after watching it for the first time on Netflix?

Here you go! Let us tell you this, they didn’t hold anything back


Their take on the action scenes

Mat Kilau ancient cinematography





Check the comparison video  : 



Then the scripts


Mat Kilau Twitter Reactions

Captain Syer vs Mat Kilau

He’s talking about this scene


Mat Kilau Twitter Reactions - Cringe Dialogue


Mat Kilau Cringe Script







And in general….









Mat Kilau Hype

How about you? Have you watched this movie, yet? Tell us what you think in the comment below on this highest-grossing film in Malaysia.

If you don’t feel like watching Mat Kilau after reading the tweets, you can check out this September’s new movies list:


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