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Terra Tree House, Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia

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Location : The beautiful surrounding of nature with an adventurous route to the final destination. First, you have to take an off-road journey about 4km then followed by 400 meters of a hike to the uphill.

Design : You will love the bamboo and Nipah palm leaf (Atap) of the treehouse which was designed by the native people.

Food : Enjoy a clean eating prepared in the treehouse which are from Biodynamic or Organic ingredients.

Comfort : Of course! The hotel provides a 100% organic cotton quilts, bedsheets, and quilts cover for the guests' ultimate comfort.

Cleanliness : Clean as you want it to be!

Instagram Worthy : Without a doubt! Every corner is worth a lifetime memory.

Beautifully preserved land

In order to preserve this wonderful, beautiful, and tranquility land, we refuse to use any machine for land leveling and massive agriculture development purposes. Upholding our vision of providing more people with the opportunity of getting closer to our Mother Nature, we have strived to remain its original appearance at best.

Getting here

Getting to Terra’s Tree House requires a 4 wheel drive off-road journey for 4 km. The journey may take up to half an hour drive passing through numbers of farms and orchards, via a very narrow and bumpy trail. From the entrance arch of Terra’s Tree House, one need to hike for about 400 meters through a log piled trail created, which may take about 10 to 15 minutes uphill. It might be a little bit challenging for people who do not exercise on a regular basis, since the mountain trail is quite steep. Considering the luxurious fresh air and scenic view offered, you are much welcome to take your own sweet time, slowing down your pace, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy the breathtaking view! It is definitely better for one to bring along a lightweight backpack instead of trolley luggage.
All of the bamboo and Nipah palm leaf (Atap) used for our Tree House construction were built by our native people (Orang Asli); carrying them all the way uphill through exactly the same route you’ve just been through from the Arch to our premises.
The water supply is directly brought in via a hidden and clean mountain stream. Electricity is powered by our generator, available at limited hours from about 6:30 to 10:30 pm. You are advised to bring along a flashlight for night time usage. We understand this could be a bit of inconvenience to you, however, the consequences of limited electricity, it creates lesser electromagnetic interference and disturbance, and manage to bring good night sleep and quality rest for many of our friends.
TreeHouse temperatures range from 16 to 25 Degree Celsius. During the raining season, the temperature may drop down to 12 Degree Celsius.

Important message:

  • Please help to bring along your own toiletries and towels.
  • Waste disposal – Please help to place any biodegradable kitchen waste into our kitchen compost pail. Other waste such as plastic, glasses, or paper, please place them into the classified bins available, in the common kitchen area.
  • We do encourage guests to help to keep the jungle clean and bringing out the rubbish too.
  • Please do not waste any food to help and save our Mother Earth.
  • You may bring along the hot water and cup into your room, do remember to return them back to the kitchen before check out.

If anyone of you has been here, email us at to share your experience with others



From RM 330

Terra Tree House, Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia

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