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Belakang Kong Heng 光興後座, Jalan Sultan Yusof, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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Location : In the center of Ipoh city. Be sure to walk around to discover all the interesting offerings.

Design : Unique, artistic, and a little bit of old school. I personally love it!

Food : The kitchen is your little space to up your cooking skill.

Comfort : From the reviews, the previous sure love the comfort level here.

Cleanliness : Maintain the cleanliness of your space and the rest of the hostels for your own comfort and others.

Instagram Worthy : Instagrammable it is!

Instagrammable affordable stay

A beautiful heritage feels homestay service located in heart of Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. We have plenty of types of rooms. Near to train station and restaurants. Very suitable for a short stay and a perfect gateway from hustle-bustle city life.

Belakang Kong Heng can be found within a former United Asian Bank building in central of Ipoh old town surrounded by majestic colonial buildings and strait shophouses. Go on a culinary adventure and experience living in the heart and soul of Ipoh. You get to soak into the local buzz of sights and sounds right in front of your doorstep.  Also, we are just a five-minute walk from Ipoh Train Station which connects to Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

It is just like coming home when checking into Belakang Kong Heng. Sink yourself on the sofa at the common room, reach for a book, or a nice hot shower after a long day of exploration in the city. Our friendly staff will have you taken care of.  Our regular activities and movie night will sure break the ice and make friends along with your travel.

Choose your space

Our sharing dorm capsule provides a comfortable and privacy sleeping pod. You have all that you need, with a comfortable bed, the power to charge your mobile phone, and also reading light. We have a single and double bed capsule option to choose from.

Have a drink

A minute walks away from Belakang Kong Heng, you can hop into Tiga, a local bar by a few gentlemen to enjoy cocktails with a local twist with a discount. On certain nights, there will also be open mic sessions or live band performance. Hangout with the locals to get the juiciest gossips and insights.

Perak, the Land of Grace has so much more to offer, from the adventurous to the historical and to a fun family day out. Get in touch with our friendly staff in the common room to get more recommended attractions, exciting trails, and local experiences all around Ipoh and Perak.

If anyone of you has been here, email us at to share your experience with others

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From RM 40

Belakang Kong Heng 光興後座, Jalan Sultan Yusof, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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