1825 Gallery Hotel, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa, Malacca, Malaysia
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The 1825 Gallery Hotel is inspired by the theme of antiquity, bringing the experience and atmosphere of the bygone days to reality – it’s truly yesterday once more. Instilling the look and feel of the past into the hearts of its every guest, it retells its very story from how it used to function as a flour storehouse to being one of the best hotels in the state today.

As its antique windows reflect its elegant white paint, its architecture requires no introduction to bewitch its every beholder. Influenced by the British and the Chinese, its exterior is its heart and soul to accentuate its prominent theme. The remains of the building are refurbished to their luster, thus protecting its authenticity as one of the greatest heritages of Malacca. This is coupled with the scenic view of the city, thus adding value to the experience of its guests.

While every corner of the Hotel awaits the guests’ exploration, it is the intention of its founder to inject the sense of nostalgia in the minds of the hotel guests – to relive the past when everything was simple. It accommodates its guests’ every need to retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, while provoking tranquility and peace from deep within. With a reposeful mind, a great expedition awaits.

Every inch of the Hotel is designed with great attention to details – from its walls to its sky well and every piece of furniture, the aura of elegance is significantly accentuated. All these details are the products of ancient wisdom, which utilizes the law of nature and geography, thus deserving the admiration of the modern world. Adhering to its theme, the founder has also invested in the Hotel’s garden and entrance statues to harmonise with its surroundings, thus elevating the atmosphere of the entire Hotel.

Beyond all questions, the Hotel would be missing a piece of its puzzle if the accompanying river is discounted from its entirety. This river, which had formed a part of its history, is the essence of the hotel’s picturesque scenery, contributing to its guests’ overall experience.

It is the ultimate priority of the founder to give his guests an experience of a lifetime to see and feel the culture of Malacca in its rawest form – a memory that’s worth an extensive note in every traveller’s travelogue. Its significance is certainly portrayed in many ways that only real-life experience could comprehend.


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1825 Gallery Hotel, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa, Malacca, Malaysia

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