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Pair Kate Spade Flower Jacquard handbags with your go-to outfits to feel chic, never sloppy

FALL 2020: Kate Spade New York Launches Spade Flower Jacquard Collection
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Kate Spade New York

FALL 2020: Kate Spade New York Launches Spade Flower Jacquard Collection. Featuring the brand’s signature spade icon…

Upon joining Kate Spade New York in 2018, Creative Director Nicola Glass was immediately drawn to the spade symbol that is at the center of the brand’s iconography, and the many ways that the spade could be reimagined.

“I saw a lot of opportunities to evolve the collection while maintaining the brand’s strong DNA and personality. One of my first priorities was to establish iconic design elements across all product categories – RTW, Handbags, Footwear, Jewelry, Home, and more – that are consistent season to season. So many brands look for a symbol to define themselves, and Kate Spade has one of the strongest: the Spade. I began working on all types of treatments to cleverly integrate the spade into colorful patterns and playful embellishments, as well as functional closures.” – Nicola Glass. “

Each season, the spade is used in many iterations across categories – both boldly and subtly, in almost secretive or surprising ways. It is incorporated into print patterns, leather embossing and cut-out design details. It’s seen on the heel of a shoe and the hardware in handbags.

Everything Cherry Tricolor Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Large Tote in Green Multi, RM1,800

“One of my favorite evolutions of the spade is the spade flower which was created by joining together four spades into a motif, which when used repeatedly, produces a unique floral pattern. I’m excited to showcase this pattern in a new and exciting way for the Fall season with our Spade Flower Collection. The patterned jacquard grounds the whole group – allowing additional colorful and distinctive design details, such as fruit motifs and racing stripes, to pop against the practical, stylish silhouettes.” – Nicola Glass

Vanity Logo Jacquard Stripe Mini Top Handle, RM1,170

Each piece in the Spade Flower Jacquard Collection is adorned with the signature pattern – created in a special jacquard fabric, designed in partnership with the famed Italian textile mill Limonta (est. 1893).

Now that you have watched the video we made in Redang Island last week, next, slide to the right to see more images! Nisa’ Halid has donned Kate Spade cute Summer 2020 dresses and look at how pretty the Vanity Logo Jacquard Stripe Mini Top Handle to pair with while you’re on holiday. So chic!

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