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Jumpsuit Of The Season: Yoga Practices Made Easy With This Breathable Nike Wear

nike yoga luxe jumpsuit

Post-MCO weight sorted, thanks to my newest yoga wear, the Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit.

There’s a saying, fitness is a lifestyle. And I definitely second that! As a way to lead a healthy lifestyle and be fit, I have been practicing on my yoga poses from time to time. Unfortunately, what usually ticks me off easily is when the outfit that I wore made me feel uncomfortable. My movement was restricted which drained my energy earlier than it supposed to be.

Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit, RM235

So when my friend introduced me to the Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit last week, I just had to grab it! On the day that the jumpsuit arrived at my condominium, I took it for a test run right away. Too excited that I even forgot to bring along my Yoga mat to the park. Oppss!

My verdict? The Size-L jumpsuit felt so good on my slightly chubby body. I know the idea of a one-piece can be a little bit tricky for toilet emergencies, but, the jumpsuit was so easy to slide in as easy as it was to take it off. Like, literally!

Yes, it is very flattering for most body shapes. I mean, take a look at the obvious. If you remember the first image of this article, you are able to differentiate the body sizes of the model and I. However, thanks to the Nike Infinalon fabric, the jumpsuit drapes comfortably on my body as well without a fuss. It instantly helps to give the breathable effect that I need to work on my poses. Thank god!

Seriously, I’m so in love with this latest edition of Nike Infinalon. I cannot highlight this enough. Lightweight, stretchable, and oh-so-comfortable, it definitely helps me to look good and feel good as I move around. Even though I had to wear a sports bra underneath the jumpsuit as it is not designed with breast supports, there is honestly nothing to complain about.

You should also know that the Nike Dri-FIT Technology functioned well to absorb my sweat flawlessly. As a matter of fact, my body stayed dry, comfortable, and focused throughout the afternoon. Even better, the open back and halter neckline designs helped to keep it cool during my yoga practice.

After that, I continued with some walks around the park. For in-between breaks, I sat on hard surfaces, made out of cement, to do sit up before I continued to walk again. When I stood up, I realized that the fabric was not affected at all. As amazing as it sounds, I guess it is best to care for it delicately for the good condition of the jumpsuit in a long run.

Finally, I can say that I have found the right type of activewear that I’ve been looking for. No more excuses to skip my workout routine from now on. Even though I’m still at the beginner level for yoga, I believe that consistency is the key and practice makes perfect! After all, any effort matters when it comes to reducing some weight I gained during the MCO period. LOL. So don’t forget to get yourself the breathable jumpsuit now on Nike’s website while stocks last. In the meantime, download the Nike Training Club application on Google Play and App store so that you are able to practice some yoga moves at your own pace. Namaste!

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