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Ideas On How You Can Make Staying Home A Staycation

Ideas On How You Can Make Staying Home A Staycation
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Time to staycation – at home, obviously. Let me show you how to kick back, relax, and vacation at your own place!

It’s been a long few weeks (or month and some of us might feel confined with the only outlet being grocery or food shopping. Many of us find different ways to unwind, we’re used to hitting the gym, escaping the city to a quiet place to meditate, heading out for sources of entertainment and catch up sessions, etc.

We can still indulge in these experiences from our homes by subscribing to online workout classes, carving out an area in your home to retreat to, home organizing, picking up a new hobby whether it be baking or gardening, and even coaxing family members to join in a game. Below are some ideas on how we can make staying home a staycation!

Games At Home

Pick up a new hobby of chess or journaling and toys for the little ones to keep them entertained.

Serving Ware

For baked goods, Dalgona coffee or cocktail making at home.

Whip Out

Your towels, gym mat, and equipment to complement your home workout routine. Rope in your family or partner for that extra motivation!

Transform Your Home

Dedicate time and a space to relax by KonMari methods and rearranging décor – store smaller trinkets such as jewelry, cufflinks, or makeup in designated boxes. Cozy up for a night of Netflix or video games by adding soft throws, cushions or rugs. Create an oasis by bringing in plants and fresh-cut flowers or even adding fragrances such as candles and diffusers to ignite your sense.

Stay Home In Comfort

Without compromising on style, mix and match work-ready shirts and lounge bottoms for your Zoom/Google hangout calls.

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