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From NY Timesquare Billboard to Your Wardrobe: Get the first modest wear collection on SHEIN, curated by Iman Troye

Fashion brand SHEIN is all set to make a big splash
by bringing fashionable kaftans, abayas, hijabs, and other fashionable pieces, making the first modest wear collection to their shore. In the celebration of this launch, SHEIN is also collaborating with talented Malaysian singer Iman Troye.

Iman Troye is an up-and-coming recording artist who is no stranger to making a big splash, having been one of the first
Malaysians to be featured on the digital billboard in Times Square in New York City. Her first single ‘Teman’ garnered 20 million views on Youtube and was streamed 1.5 million times on Spotify

A modest wear collection specially curated and styled by Iman Troye is now available across all SHEIN
. It will feature relaxed and feminine silhouettes that will complement any wardrobe.

Iman’s collection features matching neutrals with relaxed silhouettes in neutral tones for your everyday modest look. There are also summer shades – which are soft pastel pieces that you can mix and match for any occasion.

SHEIN has your Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive clothes covered, with more fashionable pieces, as well as more sizing and color options to choose from.

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