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Follow These 8 HIP Local Travelers To Add More Style To Your Feed

These 10 HIP Local Travellers curated feeds are just so dang pretty to look at

These 8 HIP Local Travelers curated feeds are just so dang pretty to look at.

From fashion to lifestyle, these 8 HIP local travelers come up with new content to post at various locations from time to time. We wonder how exhausting it must be to consistently come up with different content for different places but looking at their feed, they look fresh every time flaunting their style. Amidst of an ever-changing social media algorithm, hands down they are all pros in the social media space. Teasing people at rare locations and donning stylish outfits every damn time, they do no justice to us who sit behind the desk with 2 days leave left till the end of the year.

Anyway, they might be just the follow you’re looking for if you want to sassy up your gram.

Here, are 8 HIP Local Travelers to bring more style to your IG for you.

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Andre Amir @andreamir

It’s getting hot in here! Andre Amir doesn’t need an introduction. With a combined following of 95k on social media, he is the only content creator among few who focus on men’s fashion, beauty, and premium luxury lifestyle brands in Malaysia.

Andre Amir consistently serves up beautiful fashion moments on her page while attending social events or traveling. We love his looks when he’s vacationing. Do you wonder how much luggage he brings on every trip? We are curious!

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Abdul Hadif

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller

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