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9 Insanely Gorgeous Face Masks To Rock Your Tropical Paradise Looks

fashionable face mask

Colorful, loud prints and oh-so-pretty, I’ll have them all, please!

Yes, face masks have become an essential item of our everyday life RN. Whether you like it or not, it is very important to have it on at all times when we’re out. You should already know by now that face mask helps to lower the spread of Coronavirus in public settings. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While the typical plain-designed mask is slightly boring to style with your fabulous wardrobe, it is also costly for you to keep buying it from time to time. So, I’ve listed out some stylish and reusable face masks from local brands to brighten up your days during vacay and after. You won’t have to keep changing them. Cost-efficient, isn’t it? The best part is, the designs will perfectly match your tropical paradise vacay looks. Let’s explore our options, shall we?

Khoon Hooi

Love, love, love, the subtle mixture of prints and colors by one of Malaysia’s renowned fashion designer, Khoon Hooi. Imagine dressing in a plain top and bottom, pair with one of these beautiful face mask, and you’re good to go!

Product: Alice Face Mask
Price: about RM107.10
Available: Khoon Hooi

Melinda Looi

A little dash of sparkles and stylish skeleton design to rock your #ootd, why not? Designed by one of the biggest names in Malaysia, Melinda Looi, you will feel good and look good wearing her brand’s face masks. One-of-a-kind definitely!

Product: Elvina Face Mask
Price: RM89.00
Available: Melinda Looi

Just look at how cool Melinda Looi’s son look styling the face mask. Real men wear floral prints, BTW!

Cassey Gan

The queen of loud print designs, Cassey Gan, does it all! With the global pandemic is still ongoing, she succeeded to create another line of masterpiece that everyone can benefit from. Her face masks designs are everything you need to brighten up your mood. Ah, so beautiful! I just can’t!

Product: CG Mask No. 13
Price: RM59.00
Available: Cassey Gan

Nala Designs

Started as designing beautiful pieces for interior design, now she follow-through others in designing face masks as well. Bold prints and colours, you’ll be turning heads with this one.

Product: Brave Pink Ladies By Nala
Price: RM49.00
Available: Nala Designs

The Batik Boutique

There is nothing exciting than rocking our very own traditional print, batik. I couldn’t be more proud to be styling one of these beautiful designs. From children to grown-up, so many designs to choose from. I can already see the colours that my little munchkins (nephews and nieces) would like to wear! So cute!

Product: Reusable Batik Face Masks
Price: RM60.00 (a pair)
Available: The Batik Boutique

d.d collective

Look out for some fun-chic face masks for that ray of sunshine. The 100% polyester fabric works wonder when you are sweating. It is basically a water-resistant kind of fabric so that you will comfortable even under a hot weather.

Product: Greta Face Mask Set
Price: RM60.00
Available: D.D Collective

TAS by Tom Abang Saufi

Cute and fully-secured! There are a lot more options but this one seems to be attracting me the most. Don’t you just love the combination of colours and bold prints altogether? Picture perfect!

Product: Matahari Mask
Price: RM19.00
Available: Zalora

#8 Batik Secrets

Another traditional print to rock during your beach vacay and after. A cooling piece that is made from 100% cotton. So don’t worry about sweating as you are walking out and about.

Product: Hand-stamped Batik Face Mask RM50
Price: RM50 each
Available: Acquire Shop


These reusable, washable and reversible face masks are made from local Terengganu batik fabrics. A notable act by this design is that for every purchase, they will donate RM5 to the less fortunate in their area. Let’s support them too, shall we?

Product: Batik Face Masks
Price: RM35 (additional RM3 for a face mask with strings)
Available: MaryamBayam

Know what you want already? Get them now while stocks last!

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