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Remembering The Beautiful Culture and Heritage of George Town City

Remembering The Beautiful Culture and Heritage of George Town City

Delicious food and beautiful travel destinations and are among the amazing things that I love about our beautiful country, Malaysia. From Johor to Kedah and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), there are many beautiful details to be discovered. In this edition of Hisphut’s, we take a closer look at the beautiful Penang island of the George Town World Heritage City. Admire the buildings, culture, heritage and history of the wonderful site has to offer.

Penang’s must-visit UNESCO
World Cultural Heritage Sites

Do visit one of Penang’s must-visit UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, City Hall, and reenact Anna and the King movie (1999) filmed for fun. The ‘Royal Court Room’ scene of Anna and the King dancing took place in the Grand Ballroom of the building.

Photo by Kirk Siang on Flickr

Other buildings that have been marked as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site would be Kapitan Keling Mosque, Fort Cornwallis, Penang State Museum & Art Gallery, Goddes of Mercy Temple and St George’s Church. My suggestion would be, to stay longer in Penang Island so that you’ll will have an ample of time to explore everything.

Photo by Duong Dao on Flickr
Photo by Marufish on Flickr

Mural paintings inspired by Penang culture

Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuania-born artist has succeeded to create a series of murals around the city. It all began as part of the Georgetown Festival 2012 initiative. Ever since then, many local talents contributed their creative work on the street of Georgetown as well. Here are some of my favourites:

Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash
Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash

Historical architecture

I bet everyone has watched the Crazy Rich Asians movie before. One of the movie scenes was actually filmed in Penang’s very own building, Cheong Fatt Tze’s Blue Mansion.

Immerse yourself in this historical building and enjoy the exquisite dining experience at the Indigo restaurant, courtyard dining room and idyllic terrace while you’re there. Stay the night, dine in or go for a day tour, choose whichever that is suitable for you. From museums to hotels and restaurants, most of the buildings in the city have their unique designs with stories hidden. Be sure to check out the rest of Penang island’s tourist attractions to get the full experience.

Photo by Geraldine Ng on Unsplash

Authentic Penang dishes

Where do I even begin? From Char Koay Teow to oyster omelette to Asam Laksa, these are just a few things that I can’t get enough of every time I’m there. Not to mention the sweetness taste of Apom Manis and Cendol. Good luck resisting the food if you are on a strict diet.

Photo by CC Food Travel on Flickr

My personal favourite to enjoy the local’s food would be at the Gurney Drive stalls.

Photo by Sookie on Flickr

These images are nothing compare to a real-life experience. Clear your schedule and get yourself to Penang island now!

Here is a cute #throwback video of us exploring the colourful George Town city with full of love and laughter. Enjoy!

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