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4 Reasons To ‘Balik Kampung’ For Raya 2020

There were multiple reactions from Malaysians when our Prime Minister made an announcement that nobody is allowed to ‘balik kampung’ this year.

After the 5th week of staying home, I’m sure everyone is aware of why social distancing is important. However, there are still some people who are complaining that Raya is not the same without families. So they insist to ‘balik kampung’ regardless of the big campaign that the world launch regarding the danger that close contact can bring.

I’m trying to connect the dot for this group’s stupidity but maybe these 4 reasons are why they insist to ‘balik kampung’ this raya:

They love to see Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham on TV so much, they don’t want this Covid 19 to end

The only year their Moms will agree to the Starwars theme for Raya

No nosy aunty’s yearly question to entertain – “bila kau nak kahwin ni?

They are just introvert. Enjoying too much ME time during this MCO!

Who agrees or has more reasons to substantiate their itching to ‘balik kampung’? Leave your comment below

For the rest, let’s just enjoy this Balik Kampung song to get the raya feel in our living room 🙂


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