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How The World Celebrated 2022 Halloween–20 Wow Halloween Costumes To Date

Halloween costumes
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Honestly, we’re more than impressed with these 20 wow Halloween costumes!

From famous faces to a fabulous commoner like you and me, everyone was donned in kick-ass Halloween costumes to celebrate the endemic era in the most spooky way. Sexy was the main theme where people would dress like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and Mystique of X-Men but there were also some adorable, irresistible costumes like Toy Story that have my full heart.

However, despite the joyful moments that the celebration has brought upon us, I can’t help to take a moment of silence for the Halloween party at Rex KL that was raided and the Halloween stampede in Seoul. I wish it would have happened differently. May the souls rest in peace in Seoul and may our country Malaysia accepts the LGBTQ community like we’re not living in the stone age era anymore. Like, seriously!

Moving on to positive energy as some of us, ( I mean me), are not able to travel the world yet, here’s a round-up of the next best thing you’ll get from the 2022 Halloween celebration. Check out the full list in no particular order. Keeeeppp yoooouurrr eyyyeeess opeeeeen and mooouuuthhh shuuuut *scary ghost voice* lol:

20 wow Halloween Costumes From All Over The World

1. Kylie Jenner as Frankenstein’s Bride and Galaxy Girls

I still remember looking at Frankenstein’s bride photo for the first time. I thought it was a post from BBC News talking about a historical spooky event. But as I looked again, I was shocked to my core, and almost spilled my Hazelnut Latte in hand knowing that it was the cosmetic billionaire of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner. She didn’t stop there though.  The rest of her costumes created a headline as well. Shall we call it Galaxy invasion? Major love!

Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Costume

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