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She brings Zen to the sandy beaches of Malaysia

She brings Zen to the sandy beaches of Malaysia. Zen Thian is a new and exciting surfer in Malaysia, famously spotted on her worthy skateboard once in a while on her Gram. She has a significant interest in various activities, including friends, travel, and sports.

The Fleeting Seconds

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, individuals from a variety walks of life were required to remain indoors. This, however, has enabled many of us to pick up old hobbies or, better yet, acquire new ones to keep us entertained. “A few buddies and I had taken up surf skating and met a few other surf skaters who had been surfing for years!” “When monsoon season started in October, we decided to go to Cherating and try it out for ourselves,” Zen says, and she’s been hooked ever since. “Surfing is tough and at times terrifying,” Zen added, “but that few seconds of surfing on a wave makes everything worthwhile!”

Waves of Emotions

“It can be calming, exciting, terrifying, frustrating… but riding the waves… Just one word: STOKED! ” as Zen puts her feelings while she’s out in the sea riding the waves. The need to take the initiative is ever-present, just as it is in real life. What really counts is how we manage or express our emotions in a healthy way.

I’d say surfing provides a sense of freedom because when I’m riding a nice long wave, nothing can wipe off that smile on my face, and absolutely no one can reach me at that time and nothing else really matters except me, my surfboard and the wave.



According to  International Surf Therapy Organization, surfing is more than just the benefits that physical activity can have on emotional well-being: it is also the mindfulness that surfing requires. Surf therapy is a form of mental health treatment that is defined by the International Surf Therapy Organization as an intervention that “combines the therapeutic elements of the ocean with the adventures of surfing to impact the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals worldwide.”


We then asked, Zen Thian’s thoughts on surfing and life. Her answer…

Surfing as a sport builds character. It’s a very humbling sport, teaches me to be patient, resilient and pushes me to be more fearless. Its also great for my mental health. It’s nice to know that I have the ocean to run back to when the hustle and bustle city life gets to me. Not as an escape, but as an avenue to further improve myself.

“It’s nice to know that I have the ocean to run back to when the hustle and bustle of city life get to me, not as an escape, but as an avenue to further improve myself.” as specified by Zen Thian.


Pursuit of Happiness

Before we ended the interview, HIPSHUT asked Zen Thian to share tips for our readers who are still searching for their complete self-freedom.

Zen stated “Experiment with a variety of pursuits that bring you pleasure. It’s always a good idea to begin something new with friends who are also interested in it and are just starting out, so that you may learn and get better together without feeling intimidated.”

As the African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

This is Zen Thian and her journey of finding her freedom.



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