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Natasha Hudson: An actress who wears many hats 

Natasha Hudson: An actress who wears many hats

She wears many hats. She’s an actress, she’s a sports enthusiast, an emcee, an activist and she’s Malaysia’s most adventurous risk taker when it comes to her career. Natasha Hudson, one thing that comes to mind is how she has had a successful career in the filming industry. Marrying the love of her life, Jay Jasmin, from a previous interview, they fell in love through surfing. There really is nothing better than doing what you love with the person you love. Sweet, isn’t it? 😍




Let it Flow

In the light of the “Cari Freedom” campaign, we asked Natasha what made her indulge in this particular water sport.” I did bodyboarding when I was younger in Australia. It was more of wanting to feel free. I previously felt I was done with surfing because of my horrific wipeout in Bali”. Surfing wipeout can be traumatizing but it’s always inevitable. Most articles suggested that you have to remain calm in this situation although it’s easier said than done. Check out the compilation of best barrels and wipeouts by Red Bull. Even by the look of the clips, it terrifies us!

In surfing, surfers are not able to control the waves —the waves are going to come and go regardless of what the surfer may want. The good surfer, though, is the one who learns to interact with whatever waves may come, big or small, and use them to create the outcome she’s looking for.

Just like life, there are things that are beyond our control —exactly like the surfer who doesn’t control the waves. But we have control over how we interact with whatever comes our way, don’t we? Therefore, instead of looking to magically change the circumstances, we can focus on how we can grow in the midst of the circumstances that we do encounter. Because at the end of the day, trying to control everything will drive us crazy, but controlling our response seems doable —will we let the waves of life knock us over, or will we learn to roll with them, moving forward as we go?

“My husband had to reintroduce it to me with a huge meaning to life. I managed to beat my fear of this massive ocean and never stop ever since.” Natasha quickly added,

Surfing has this spiritual calming effect just like when I’m with my horses. Makes me forget about all problems in life.

Freedom Without Boundaries

As we dug deeper into the subject of Cari Freedom, we asked about her relationship with the open sea as she surfs. “It’s a huge adrenaline rush that is addictive. As if you’re floating and walking almost flying on water. It’s me, my board, and the ocean as one.”

From her point of view, “Surfing reminds me to leave everything worrying aside and let things flow on their own. I feel like I’ve completed my task. ” she added a huge sense of accomplishment with her tone.

Furthermore, surfing gives Natasha freedom with no boundaries. With no rules to tie you down. It’s home.

The Power of Manifestation

Natasha always has a positive character following her, we sensed it through the way she talked to us, and the way she helped us throughout the Cari Freedom campaign.

If you give time, money, or things to other people without expecting something in return, that’s selfless. I’m sure you guys heard this before. And that’s the one word we can describe Natasha Hudson – selfless. We want that energy, we want that confidence and we want the ability to always share kindness to share with others. We want to know how surfing changed her life

“Surfing made me have an even simpler and more nomadic life which I’ve manifested to have all this while. Especially, being in the equine industry… gave itself lead me to a start of something more tone down but surfing toned things down more rapidly.” she continues, “I’m literally living in my comfort zone with no system to follow and rule in my life. There is no aggressive chase but a more sustainable life to lead.

Quest for the Soul and Spirit

Image by Desaru Sufaris

Any advice for HIPhearts who are still searching for their self-freedom? We asked…

Never procrastinate on your search. But also do not let anyone stop you from doing anything that is related to your soul & spirit. Life is limitless. Pursuing what makes you happy & not all things with a system is a way of achieving freedom and happiness. Have a carefree life.

If you want Natasha to lead you the way, sign yourself up for life-changing lessons at her surfing school in Langkawi. The surfing season is in from May till October, so ‘surf’ up your spot now ✌🏼


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