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Cari Freedom: Didaqt Musaddiq living the ultimate surfing lifestyle

“Catching a wave for the first time was indeed the nicest feeling ever! I never stop surfing since then!”- Didaqt Musaddiq

Didaqt Musaddiq paved his name internationally upon winning the Pearl of Andaman Surf Contest held at Phuket in 2019. A Chero boy who started surfing as young as 8 years old, became a pro surfer at 24.  He was first introduced to surfing by a guest from his family’s guest house. In Malaysia, there is a saying that goes, “Bend the bamboo while it’s still a shoot,” which means to mould someone’s character while they are still malleable and young. Through years of personal experiences with the sea and waves, Didaqt manages to be very agile, making him nimble as a mountain goat in the ocean.


I'm blessed to be part of the surfing lifestyle. I get to do what I love every day. I'm happy with the life that I have right now. This has always been what I've been dreaming for. I'm blessed


Can you tell us your personal feelings about riding the waves?


Never once not a magical moment. I felt so at peace sharing my time with mother nature.

Surfing, to Didaqt, is not just an extreme sport, it’s a way of life. Living at Cherating, we can all imagine, that the beach is the playground. Growing up, he and his friends would be hanging out at the beach most of the time, either chilling or surfing. The dream life of many – the beach lifestyle.

Although, living a surfer’s lifestyle is not about how exactly one appears, the things one wears, or simply getting a surfboard tucked under your arm. The lifestyle, in our opinion, is more about the mindset, one commitment to the ocean, and accepting the fact that almost everything needs to take second place the instant the waves start to roll in.

Once you accept that you just gotta try and give your best despite the outcome, your attitude becomes much more positive, you learn to deal with failures and realize that you have a much better time in the water if you only think about the best waves, rather than dreading those that you did not manage to ride. This attitude of turning negative into positive facts can help everyone in life in general.

Didaqt Musaddiq is very much content and blessed with the life that he’s living. His first hobby turned him into a pro surfer changing his perspective on the world. “ Going on competitions outside Malaysia, meeting new friends from around the world, and traveling to different countries gives me a new vantage point of how I perceive this world,” says Didaqt.

This is home

Cari Freedom: Didaqt Musaddiq paving his name internationally


We unraveled Didaqt’s personal best surfing spots that are worth the trip located here in the peninsula of Malaysia. “Of course Cherating, Pahang. After all, it’s my hometown” Didaqt added. For those that are new to Hipshut or planning to go down to Kuantan, Cherating is filled with hidden food gems suitable for an after-surfing meal, perfect for unwinding and replenishing your calories. Such places are Liliwadi, Barnhauz Coffee and Cookies, as well as Kula Cakes, which is famously known here in Kuala Lumpur.


Pay it Forward

Before we ended the interview, HIPSHUT asked Didaqt to share a word or two with all our readers who are still searching for their complete self-freedom. His word…

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