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Eat, Drink And Live Like A Surfer At Loca Cafe

Eat At Loca Cafe That Serves Its Own Nutritious Food

A worthy place to eat only at Loca Cafe that serves its own nutritious food and is also a part of the surfer’s community.

The cafe has just been opened for close to two years, yet it has already achieved great success. The Loca Cafe has a deep love for surfing and having its own space to gather all the surfers that are in the area. I must say that this has been a local hotspot for surfers to chill at the moment.

They also put a focus on providing any support to the local community.

Enjoy your weekend getaway and treat yourself to a meal here, the one and only cafe that serves the best food in the area. You definitely need to get a taste of their “Kukumbah!” – their homemade coolers prepared with passion fruit and cucumber.

Just look at this picture!

Eat At Loca Cafe That Serves Its Own Nutritious Food

Take a spoonful out of this specially made Dragon Bowl that is definitely worth a try. Dragon fruit, mixed berries, and banana are the ingredients that go into this one-of-a-kind concoction, which rates among the top flavour combinations ever. It is wonderfully made to quench your thirst and fulfill your sweet taste while feeling less guilty over your satisfying treat.

The Surfing Community ♥

Eat At Loca Cafe That Serves Its Own Nutritious Food

People from all walks of life are encouraged to come and enjoy themselves at Loca Cafe. In addition to that, they are also a part of the members surfing community. It was because of their enthusiasm for surfing, that they create a space of their own in which to experiment with new ideas, and a desire to contribute support to the enchanting magical of Cherating vibes.

Apart from that, we also questioned them on their thoughts about freedom and asked them a question. Their response :

Freedom to us is when we can express and explore ourselves as we feel, being able to be who we are without judgement, discrimination or persecution, also freedom is something we share among one another and respecting that it’s not to be abused or misused. Freedom doesn’t mean we are free to do just anything, it is not actually free, but comes with a cost of having a responsible and conscious life. To be free, we need to understand our own freedom in life, we need to be self aware, only then the mind is truly free. – The Loca Cafe

Customers and friends from all over the world are welcome to get in touch with the Loca Cafe at any time by either posting a comment on their Instagram page or sending an email to

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All images courtesy of Loca Cafe.

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