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Tiara Jacquelina Got Her Dream Forest Come True

Adventurers From Around The World Will Be Delighted By An Immersive Experience That Brings Alive The Legends Of Langkawi At Dream Forest

The name Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina remains a benchmark in the domestic film industry, both as an actress and a producer. The brainchild of acclaimed theatre and film producer, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina will be providing visitors with an immersive, multi-sensory adventure through Langkawi’s magical rainforest – Dream Forest.

What is her secret? We asked ourselves, baffled by her success. From acting to producing award-winning films and musicals to being Chief Dream Maker, she has excelled in a multitude of industries – displayed proudly via the awards bestowed upon her. All while doing it with the warmest of smiles.

  • Best Producer award for Puteri Gunung Ledang, Asian Festival of First Films 2005
  • Best Actress for the movie Puteri Gunung Ledang, Asia Pacific Film Festival 2005
  • FACP Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Jan 2009
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award · Aug 2014
  • Best Director of a Musical for OlaBola The Musical, Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2019
  • Malaysia Prestigious Award for Excellence in the Entertainment Industry 2021

With admiration, we jumped at the chance to ask her a question as soon as it was offered – this true icon is such an inspiration. Not hesitating for a second, we seized the opportunity.

What is it like as a woman to have such an amazing and huge project as Dream Forest?

Every International Women's Day, I keep thinking about how blessed I am to be a woman working in this industry I love and being supported by other strong women, as well as other strong men as our allies.

Focusing on Tiara’s success within the tourism industry, we stand by our IWD’s campaign Behind Our Smile slogan “Celebrating Women Of Hospitality“. Her hard work has allowed Tiarasa Escapes to become the top Glamping Resort throughout Malaysia and she herself was bestowed with 3 noteworthy awards including Best Landscape and Project of the Year.

Looking back, in 2017, Tiara started creating and operating boutique resorts, beginning with Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort in Janda Baik and Tiarasa Luxe Ultravilla in Shah Alam. She was inspired by Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco and wanted to build Malaysia’s first African Safari tented resort. At the end of this year, the unstoppable Tiara aims to open her third Tiarasa product called Tiarasa Lakeside, at Gamuda Cove.

In May 2022 she will open  Dream Forest Langkawi, Malaysia’s first immersive night walk attraction. For over 20 years,  Tiara and her award-winning Enfiniti Group have pioneered innovative storytelling and dynamic experiences on film, stage, live events, themed attractions and resorts. Their expertise is in creative tech, design and technology related to immersive experiences, experiential marketing and revitalizing spaces.

Dream Forest Langkawi is yet another step in their exploration of new frontiers, and Enfiniti hopes to create more Dream Forests in other parts of the country, in the near future.

As the Chief Dream Maker of The Enfiniti Creative Universe, Tiara is interested in designing worlds, environments and characters for the metaverse, and exploring storytelling through AR/VR/XR and gamification. Whether in the areas of film, stage, resorts, creative events, themed attractions, or unique resorts –

if I can dream it, I can make it happen

Malaysia’s First Immersive Night Attraction

 “I believe we have a wealth of stories in our own backyard that we can share with the world through different mediums. Every place has its own unique history that makes it special for visitors. I hope Dream Forest Langkawi will be the first of many Dream Forests and similar immersive installations and experiences we will create all over Malaysia, and hopefully the region!”

Set in Hundreds of Years of Rainforest 

The wonders of Dream Forest Langkawi go beyond immersive adventures. It’s primed to increase local tourism by attracting visitors of all ages; families, holidaymakers, school groups, corporations, event organizers, wedding planners, and culture buffs. This in turn, will help boost the local economy through employment, enrich the local communities through training and technology transfer, as well as create business opportunities. 

Located at the foot of mighty Gunung Raya, the Dream Forest is a wonderland of biodiversity that never sleeps. During the day, visitors can take nature walks to participate in forest bathing and discover unique animals like flying lemurs, dusky leaf monkeys, the Sumatran toad as well as several species of hornbills that call the Lubuk Semilang forest their home.

At sunset, the forest transforms into a 15.8-acre-wide natural theatrical space. Sang Gedembai, the Guardian of the Dream Forest, along with Eli, Coco and Terra, three adorable helicopter seeds who play host to visitors, welcome you to experience and interact with stories, told through projection mapping on the trees and surroundings.

“Dream Forest is like a fairytale. When you enter it feels like a dreamland”.

It feels like Dream Forest Langkawi is a natural culmination of the best of my experience in film, stage, performing arts, cultural performances, tourism and creating attractions. I can’t wait to share this with all of you!”, concludes Puan Sri Tiara.

Ticket Prices:

Malaysians – RM 68 (adults) RM 48 (kids) RM28 (senior citizens)

Langkawi Residents – RM 38 (adults) RM 28 (kids) RM 28 (senior citizens)

The potential to increase local tourism by attracting visitors of all ages, families, holidaymakers, school groups, corporations, event organizers, wedding planners, and culture buffs. These will be amazing places to go get exciting experiences and technology beyond.

Go visit their website at Dream Forest Langkawi for more info.

About Dream Forest Langkawi:

Dream Forest Langkawi managed by Enfiniti Interactive Xperiences Sdn Bhd is an integrated tourist destination consisting of Dream Forest Immersive Park and Dream Forest Book Village, situated in the ancient Lubuk Semilang rainforest, at the foot of the legendary Gunung Raya. 

Dream Forest Immersive Park is the first-of-its-kind experience, created by Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina and the award-winning Enfiniti team. A multi-sensory, immersive evening walk through Langkawi’s lush rainforest for all ages, where local stories and legends like Dayang Bunting, Merong Mahawangsa, and the Giants of Langkawi come alive through the soundscape, illuminations, and projection mapping on the trees.

Dream Forest Book Village will house an events space, F&B and retail outlets selling specially curated Malaysian food and brands, a vintage bookshop van, as well as picnic spots. There will also be regularly curated cultural-based pocket performances of music, dance, or poetry readings around the gardens or at the 120-seater Amphitheatre.

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