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Triple Up Your Hydration Level with Skin Inc x KrisShop Batik Edition

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Reboot your everyday skincare routine with the custom cocktail of three (3) powerful serums that focus on nourishing, and reviving the skin from within. Ultimately, the powerful serums set was created for frequent flyers like you! (Okay, I mean like us too!) 

The ability to boost up the skin hydration levels with the power trio ready-pack like this is astounding. It consists of Skin Inc’s:

  • Ceramide Serum – It helps strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier for better moisture retention and soothed skin.
  • French-Pine Bark Serum – Packed with super antioxidants that repair and protect the skin, from environmental stressors.
  • Coenzyme Q10 Serum – Aids in treating tired and dehydrated skin for a renewed, and firmer complexion.

Here’s a snippet of the last 10 years of Skin Inc. You deserve “Custom Beauty For Every You!” Customize, don’t compromise!

In essence, you can get the Skin Inc Ultimate Dewy Serum, exclusively on KrisShop’s official website. Available in limited quantities from 28th of June 2021. The exclusive custom set retails at MYR488 (S$158) before tax and shipping fee for 30ml.

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