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Triple Up Your Hydration Level with Skin Inc x KrisShop Batik Edition

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Two birds, one stone! When skin care and batik lovers can find what they love in one limited-edition set, it’s the trio serums of Skin Inc collaboration with KrisShop – paying homage to the “Batik” heritage!

We all know that taking care of our skin and its hydration is important in the midst of a pandemic. Skin supplement is the way to triple up your skin’s hydration level, with one of the world’s first skin supplement brands, Skin Inc. The brand’s latest collaboration with KrisShop is here, presenting the “Batik” design that carries a symbolic heritage on the bottles. 

In view of this collaboration, it’s meant to bring us the latest adventure, without the long-haul flights! Explicitly, in a highly anticipated and exclusive collaboration between Skin Inc and KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ flagship retailer, the limited-edition Skin Inc Ultimate Dewy Serum packaging is re-visioned with the airline’s unique batik motif. As a matter of fact, the everlasting design represents the native flora of their country Singapore, as well as the symbolic heritage which is truly admirable and has stayed iconic throughout the years.

When traveling or just staying at home, we are constantly dealing with skin stressors. On the contrary, the biggest concern about the cause of distressing skin conditions when at home, is being in an air-conditioned environment 24/7. Sometimes, we have the chance to go out to run some errands. By all means, even just to go out to grab a coffee for “me-time”, we are encouraged to wear double face masks. All of these stressors require a serious skincare routine. 

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