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Keeping Sunkissed Skin Safe

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When it comes to stepping out under the sun, it’s not just the sunburns you need to worry about.

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Hot Girl Summer is approaching, and that beach holiday can’t come any sooner! But remember – don’t skip the sunscreen! Besides protecting yourself from painful, peeling sunburns, there are various skin diseases to keep at bay.

For instance, Hugh Jackman was diagnosed with basal cell cancer – the most common cancer in the world. It is mostly found in individuals with fair skin and is correlated with cumulative sun exposure. Another type of skin cancer due to exposure to UV light is melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

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Fortunately, these skin diseases can be avoided by using sunscreen. Remember to apply generously over all areas exposed to the sun. In fact, sunscreen should be worn daily, indoors or outdoors, and reapplied regularly throughout the day. Not only does this protect your skin from harmful UV, but it also keeps the skin moisturized and slows down the aging process.

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