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Get Supercharged with The New Clarins Double Serum Eye!

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I want dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles… SAID NO ONE EVER! 

Clarins emphasized that their anti-aging products are not just focusing on treating matured skin. The Double Serum Eye targets all women, knowing that the eye area is their major beauty concern. Hence why it is suitable for all women of all ages and ethnic groups. Especially to those who have sensitive eyes or who wear contacts. Maybe some eye concealers or powder foundation might help to cover up the hangover, or the late-night stay-up. However, nothing beats a true visible result on naked skin. 

Tested and approved by HIPSHUT! What are our findings?

  • With the highly refreshing double texture, it combines the tightening effect of a gel with the comfort of a cream – so it never feels oily.
  • You can taste the luxury feel upon application, and it melts onto your skin instantly. 
  • Personally, it reduces puffiness with constant application for a few weeks, even when my sleeping schedule is cracking up lately.
  • With a little bit of Vitamin D (sunshine vitamin), you can reduce the dark circles visibility under your eye area.
  • Also with an anti-pollution complex included, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of blue light.

Available from this August, 20th and onwards! Visit Clarins Malaysia’s website for more amazing discoveries!

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