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Get Supercharged with The New Clarins Double Serum Eye!

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A modern beauty icon, Clarins Double Serum Eye is supercharged and reformulated. With the help of the anti-ageing expertise, now you can protect your eyes better — with double serums and double power!

All you need is the best “key” item that keeps you (your eyes especially) on the right track. With so many options nowadays, it can be a whole new job to decide between so many products that claim to give you the skin of your dreams. 

Introducing the new Clarins Double Serum Eyes! Reformulated since it was launched a few years ago, this serum is a modern beauty icon. The brand Clarins is known for its anti-aging expertise for your skin. Luckily for you, we have tried this beautiful serum firsthand and we love the results!

The Double Serum Eyes, a global age-control concentrate, is one of Clarins’ truly cult classics. With a texture that is in perfect bio-affinity with the eye contour, the serum is reformulated to help work on the five vital functions of the skin. Now containing 96% natural formula and enriched with 13 plant extracts, including the powerful organic wild chervil and turmeric. When both of the key ingredients combined, it will give you a complimentary double action and the strengthening benefits we needed. The secret to this incredible formula is the [Hydrolipidic System], where 2 eye care products in 1 — preserve its unique double formula. Equally important, is its innovative double technology bottle, where it fuses together the anti-ageing plant extracts soluble in water and in oil.

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