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Beat It Like Musc Ravageur by Frédéric Malle

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Yes, this sensual perfume may be giving you that dramatic and mysterious vibes. As a matter of fact, it accentuates the powerful yet perfectly controlled energy. Just like how its described by the perfume publisher himself; Frédéric Malle, that “Musc Ravageur is sex in a bottle”. This beautiful composition was made to complement the sex appeal for both male and female. Musc Ravageur enhances the magnetic aspect of musk with amber, vanilla, mandarin and sandalwood, at the total exclusion of spice and floral notes. Fans of ambers and musks will dance to the music of this alluring piece by Frédéric Malle. After all, it really is a romantic blend and it’s unapologetically sexy!

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Find alternative ways to glorify the beats of Musc Ravageur, with its heavenly Body Butter and more!

Available at KENS Apothecary Malaysia.

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Deyda Shahril

Red like cherry in the spring, black like all the time.

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