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100 Years of Chanel N°5, Filmed to Celebrate and Inspire

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To enumerate, the films are a captivating watch that thoroughly dissects the notion of what it means to be a ‘celebrity’. As well as the effect celebrity has had on popular cultures with thoughts from six inspiring voices across a multitude of pathways, from dance to science. In regards to celebrating the variety of celebrities, Chanel N°5 will continue to be a celebrity of its own right for another 100 years to come. 

‘As N°5 did not just transform the world of perfumery — but has inspired artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers and the public for generations — so CHANEL is taking the perfume’s 100-year anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on the new forces of celebrity that will shape the next 100 years’.

CELEBRITY BY 6 inspiring voices, interviewed by CHANEL. N°5, 100 Years of Celebrity — CHANEL

Following the main film, CHANEL has also published individual video vignettes of each speaker. Thou shalt explore their intimate perspectives on celebrity in more depth.

The full film and the individual videos are available to watch on CHANEL.com

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